General Instructions


All the sessions (except plenary sessions) are taking place in dedicated Zoom Webinar rooms operated by staff provided by the organiser. Please note the plenary sessions are being organised directly in the virtual platform - the information below is therefore not applicable for plenary sessions faculty.

Programme Schedule

  • ​Introduction by a chair - 5 minutes
  • Time for each presentation - 15 minutes
  • Discussion - 10 minutes at the end of the session joint by all session speakers

The detailed scientific programme has been published here.

Your Role as a Chair

  • Your ZOOM room will be technically handled by the trained ZOOM operator. You log in to the ZOOM room which will be opened for you as for any other presenter.
  • Introduce the speakers briefly, moderate the Q&A’s and most importantly, keep the session on time.
  • If you have a co-chair, please coordinate with them who will be introducing the speakers and who will be pre-selecting or possibly asking the questions.

English is the official language of the ECREA 2021 Conference, therefore all presentations will be delivered in English.

Other detailed technical instructions with a ZOOM link will be sent to you by 3 September 2021. These are the main points that you might be wondering about:

On the Day of your Session

  1. Join the Zoom 15 minutes before the start of your session.
  2. In this Zoom room, you will meet the session speakers from your session. Delegates will be present in Zoom as well, but as webinar attendees - they cannot join with their camera and audio; they can only ask questions through the Q&A tool.
  3. After you join the Zoom meeting:
    • You will all be greeted by an operator who will check your connection and audio.
    • You are encouraged to use the virtual background prepared by the organisers - click here to download the ECREA 2021 background
      • For instructions on how to apply custom background in Zoom, please follow the steps below or click here:
        • When in a meeting, click the little arrow next to the Camera icon in Zoom and select Choose virtual background
        • Click the little + button on the right side
        • Locate the JPG file that you have downloaded and apply
        • Make sure the 'Mirror my video' option is not selected, otherwise the text on the background will be mirrored too.
    • After the initial setup, our operator lets everyone in the session know when you are going live.
    • The chair will introduce the session and then the first speaker. Speaker will start sharing his screen. and present live. There are no pre-recorded presentations. There might be more co-presenters of one paper - they are instructed to inform you about it when you meet in Zoom.
    • After all the presentations are finished, there will be joint Q&A time. The questions will be asked by delegates through the Q&A tool. You choose the most popular questions from the audience.
Zoom Virtual Background

Right-click to download.


​For the latest news about the conference please follow the ECREA 2021 website.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at