THE 8th European Communication Conference SWITCHED TO A FULLY ONLINE FORMAT.

The 8th European Communication Conference dates are 6-9 September 2021. 

Please find below frequently asked questions related to the changes of the 8th European Communication Conference. This FAQ will be updated regularly as we receive additional questions.

What are the new dates of the 8th European Communication Conference?

The Conference will take place online and will be broadcast on 6-9 September 2021.  

Why was the 8th European Communication Conference format changed to a ONLINE?

The 8th ECC format changed from physical meeting to ONLINE due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of all Conference attendees are ECREA’s main priorities. This difficult decision to change the format of the Conference was made following regular updates and information received from the World Health Organisation and local health advisory authorities together with feedback from our community. 

A ‘Fully Online Meeting’: What does it mean?

“Fully Online” means that all plenary sessions and parallel sessions will be online.

Delegates will have access to an online platform for the Online Meeting and a scheduled programme will be provided.  Plenary sessions and parallel sessions will be streamed ‘live’. Papers will be given live. Only a small number of sessions will be pre-recorded. All sessions will, in addition, be recorded and available for viewing ‘on demand’ until 4 November 2021.

Do I need a special connection, tool, or software to attend a Online Conference?

No, you do not need a special connection, tool, or software to use the online Conference platform. You can use your personal computer or a mobile device. The Online Conference platform can be viewed in any browser, but we suggest using Chrome for a better user experience.

I want to participate in the Online Conference. What is the registration fee?

Registration will open on 13 April 2021. All information will be published on this website.

Registration fees apply for new registrations to the online Conference can be found here.

Why should I attend the Online Conference?

While we are aware that the online Conference cannot replace the experience of the live Conference, particularly the community-building aspects and opportunities for greater integration into our rich and diverse field for scholars of all ages, groups and research interests – we nevertheless believe attending the Online Conference will be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Unlike many large online conferences in the field, ECREA Conferences will not rely on pre-recorded sessions but will be a live event, facilitating greater interaction and enabling participants a greater degree of interaction. Moving to a fully online format will enable us to protect and promote the intellectual work already done for the Conference – both by participants and by the organisers. We are dedicated to providing an exciting special programme for the Conference. The online platform will enable not only access to live sessions but also viewing of recorded sessions for two months after the Conference. It will also include opportunities for social gatherings, live Q & A with presenters, live chats with experts, and more. Last but not least, moving to a fully online format will increase access to many participants who would otherwise be unable to attend the Conference because of the costs of travel and accommodation, because of restrictions some may have in taking leave, and because of health considerations.

My abstract was previously accepted for the Conference. Will I still present at the Online Conference?

Yes, the Conference Programme will be formed around previously accepted and confirmed submissions. The Scientific Programme of the Conference will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks. All authors of submitted abstracts will receive an email with details of how to confirm or withdraw their abstract. There will be an opportunity to update abstracts. Click here for more information.